The Super Specialization Program of Interior Designing at NIFD Global Bhubaneswar spread over two years including a detailed and well-crafted curriculum for students to further improve and specialize in their work in the field of interiors. NIFD Global’s 2 year Super Specialization program students for challenges in the Interior Design industry. This pioneering program will shape the future of students in Interior Design that is innovative and will also offer unique opportunities to transform concepts into tangible services and experiences. Super Specialization Program in Interior Design is to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the subject in every aspect be it - interior fabric, furniture design, or lighting. To explore various exciting opportunities in Interior Designing, opt for the Opt for the Super Specialization Program in Interior Design at NIFD Global Bhubaneswar.

Eligibility Criteria for the 2 Year Specialization Program

You should have a minimum qualification of 10, +2, +3 from any university.

Syllabus for the 1st year course
  1. Interior Fabrics : Students will lean the importance of fabrics and how to choose fabrics and other woven material for an interior space. They will get an understanding of the various types of fibers and how woven and non-woven fabrics are used in Interior Design and what’s their manufacturing process. At the end, they will have a brief idea about the varieties and usage of fabrics available for interior design.
  2. Furniture Design Studio : The Designing course will let students explore the design and usage of furniture in an interior space. They will learn to appreciate furniture as functional art and will study the history and evolution of furniture by involving in several projects.
  3. Media Communication for Interior Design : Here, emerging new media design methods will be examined with respect to culture, technology, sociology, and scientific developments. Students will learn how to develop collective and personal communication skills to convey intricate ideas in the built environment. The Designing Course will address public relations and marketing for design firms as an extension of the designer’s voice.
  4. Inspiration and Concept Development : The students will explore the catalysts of style and design throughout particular periods of design history. The projects include dealing with residential, hospitality, and retail environments. They will also learn to deal with stylistic and influential issues and solutions.

Syllabus for the 2nd year course
  1. Light and Space Design : The students get introduced to the world of lighting and explore the use of lighting as a design element in the interior environment. They will learn to select appropriate light fixtures, analyses interior lighting installations, and prepare lighting plan for various projects.
  2. Sustainability and Interior Design : The studio course is designed to acquaint students with the implement strategies for environmental-friendly designs, through projects, and a series of lectures case studies.
  3. Studio for Exhibition Design : The students will learn to attain the professional skills needed to create experiences that can educate, engage, and entertain audiences.
  4. Window Display and Visual Merchandising : Here the students will gain a basic understanding of the field of visual merchandising and display by studying various elements that comprise the discipline. Those elements are - store interior and exterior, color, fixtures, graphics, signage, lighting, composition, mannequins, window construction.

Certificate You Will Get

certificate SUPER SPECIALISATION PROGRAM NIFD Global Certificate
certificate 2 Year NIFD Global Marksheet
certificate 2 Year Voice Of fashion Certificate
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