Fashion Designing – 3 Years B.Voc.

Course Details

  • Course Name - B.Voc. Fashion Design
  • Duration - 3 Years
  • Eligibility- +2 or Equivalent course

Program Outcomes

This 3-year program in Fashion Design has been curated for expertise, knowledge and valuable experience in the fashion design industry. The program is project-led, practical oriented which is supported by lectures, workshops, industry visits and live presentations to familiarise the students with the design industry. The students have the advantage of a contemporary curriculum that helps them understand the ever-changing world of design and equips them to excel as skilled Gen-next designers. After completing this Bachelor’s Program of vocational studies in Fashion Design, the student would have acquired relevant appropriate and adequate technical knowledge together with the professional skills and competencies in the field of Fashion design so that he/she is properly equipped to take up gainful employment in this Vocation.

Thus he/she should have acquired the following-

1. Knowledge and understanding of the following:
  • The basics of design and fashion.
  • How to build a brand to open an independent design studio.
  • How different fabrics and textiles are made and used.
  • The working of the apparel industry.
  • How to research and document
  • Garment upcycling and recycling
  • Information about fabric quality control and detailed fabric knowledge.
2. Skills and competence in designing and constructing all kinds of garments.
3. A Healthy and Professional Attitude so that he/she has:
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively in a team
  • Respect for honesty, punctuality and truthfulness
  • Ability to plan and organise work to achieve desired results and meet deadlines
  • An awareness about own motivations, strengths and areas of improvement
  • An awareness of the importance of self-development and lifelong learning
  • Basic digital skills to work in an office
  • Basic financial understanding and skills to handle personal finance and work in a business environment
4. Adequate life skills to live a productive life:
  • Ability to work with computers and smartphones in an efficient and safe manner
  • An enhanced perspective concerning the world, environment and sustainability
  • An orientation towards entrepreneurship
  • An appreciation for one’s role and responsibilities towards the country and society

Semester 1

S No. Subject Name Theory/Practical Core/General Education Credits
1 Basics of Fashion Design Theory/Practical Core 5
2 Fashion Rendering Basics Practical Core 2
3 Textile Embroidery and Printing Theory/Practical Core 4
4 Introduction to pattern making and construction Practical Core 5
5 Employability - Personal Effectiveness Theory General Education 2
6 Health, Safety, Security and Fitness Theory General Education 2

Semester 2

S No. Subject Name Theory/Practical Core/General Education Credits
1 Advance Fashion Rendering Practical Core 3
2 Fabric Construction and Ornamentation Theory/Practical Core 3
3 Basics of Business of Fashion Theory Core 2
4 Mid-segment Fashion Model Theory/Practical Core 4
5 Sewing and Pattern-making for Women Theory/Practical Core 4
6 Spoken English Practical General Education 2
7 Communication Skills Theory General Education 2

Semester 3

S No. Subject Name Theory/Practical Core/General Education Credits
1 Clothing Industry Overview Theory/Practical Core 5
2 Pattern Grading & Garment COnstruction for Men Practical Core 4
3 Advance Textile Study Theory/Practical Core 2
4 Principles of Retailing Theory Core 3
5 World Fashion History Theory Core 2
6 Digital Literacy Theory/Practical General Education 4

Semester 4

S No. Subject Name Theory/Practical Core/General Education Credits
1 Fashion Design and Industry Overview Theory/Practical Core 5
2 Pattern Making & Garment Construction:Unisex Practical Core 4
3 Textile Science Theory/Practical Core 2
4 Apparel Marketing Management Theory Core 3
5 History of Indian Fashion Theory Core 2
6 Responsible Citizenship Theory General Education 2
7 Financial Literacy Theory General Education 2

Semester 5

S No. Subject Name Theory/Practical Core/General Education Credits
1 Design Studio:Haute Couture Practical Core 4
2 Quality Control For Fabrics Theory/Practical Core 2
3 Care and Renovation of Textiles Theory/Practical Core 2
4 Garment Up-Cycling Theory/Practical Core 3
5 Internship Practical Core 5
6 Employability-Leadership Skills Theory General Education 4

Certificate You Will Get

certificate MSU B.Voc Certificate & Marksheets.
certificate NSDC Certificate
certificate SPECIALISATION PROGRAM NIFD Global Certificate
certificate 3 Year NIFD Global Marksheet
certificate Manish Malhotra Certificate
certificate 3 Year Voice Of fashion Certificate